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Laxmi Yoga is a balanced, respectful, scientific and thorough Yoga Teacher Training program. Recognised qualification: 200-hour Yoga Alliance UK certificate (RYT-200). This enables you to teach internationally. This course is also registered with The Independent Yoga Network (IYN) This training is split between five weekend modules in London and 7 nights residential in Spain, set in the beautiful mountains of the Andalucian countryside at The Hacienda Retreat Centre. Laxmi (pronounced 'laxsh-mee') Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, all encompassing, thorough and honest approach to yoga and how to teach yoga, that whilst rooted in science, is also respectful to the yoga tradition. Together we will explore the Eight Limbs of Yoga and how, as a dedicated yoga teacher, they should infiltrate both your practice (on and off the mat) as well as your teaching of yoga. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the biomechanics of safe and effective asana (yoga posture) practice, as well as knowledge of yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, Ayurvedic pirnciples and subtle anatomy. You will learn how to teach both hatha and dynamic yoga. Furthermore, Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title 'Registered Yoga Teacher' RYT as a sign of quality training.” Sally Parkes Yoga teacher training is also certified by The Independent Yoga Network. OUR AIMS: As a teacher training provider we promise to: - Treat all teacher training students with love and respect. - Respect the tradition of yoga and all schools of yoga at all times. - Provide you with solid and effective teachings and the tools to ensure you are the best teacher you can be. CURRICULUM: ASANA - How to practice and teach asana safely to beginners and intermediate students. This will include both a scientific and holistic approach and include the following aspects: - How to teach a Hatha class and a Dynamic Flow class and how to sequence asana correctly. - Safe and effective teaching of asana, including modifications and progressions. - How to structure a beginners to intermediate class, and how to plan this progression. - How to integrate pre and post-natal students safely into a general class. - How to tactfully include specific needs such as joint problems, arthritis, seniors and those with less than average mobility into a general class. - How to effectively incorporate the use of yoga props (blocks, straps, bolsters etc) into your class and when it is appropriate to use them. MEDITATION & PRANAYAMA Traditional meditation techniques as well as the art of Yoga Nidra will be taught. We will learn and practice pranayama and meditation daily. YOGA PHILOSOPHY Laxmi Yoga is rooted in yoga philosophy, especially the Eight Limbs of Yoga. As Laxmi Yoga is a well rounded training, we will also practice chanting and mudras and the history of yoga. The core texts for this teacher training are: - The Hatha Yoga Pradapika - The Yoga Sutras - The Bhagavad Gita - The Science of Breath Subtle Anatomy The study and importance of our subtle anatomy will be taught. This will include teachings of the Chakras, Koshas, Nadis and Gunas. THE AYURVEDIC PRINCIPLES We will look at the basic Ayurvedic principles and how they relate to us on a personal level as well as on a practical level. We will do this by discovering what dosha we are and how we can manage our constitution in a more effective manner by utilising the ayurvedic principles. ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY Whilst yoga is a spiritual practice, we believe that in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology will assist you in delivering safe and effective teaching, as well as allowing you to improve your own yoga practice. This module includes: - The importance of the Bandhas and how they relate to core stability. - Basic bio-mechanics and lever system and how it relates to Asana. Our in-depth anatomy and physiology section will be presented by Dawn Morse, MSc BSc, senior lecturer of Anatomy and Physiology at Swindon University, and covers the following: - The Skeletal System - The Muscular System - The Nervous System - The Cardiorespiratory System - Energy Systems - The Lymphatic System - The Components of Fitness THE ART OF TEACHING Teaching is a real skill that takes practice and dedication. Laxmi Yoga Teacher Training teaches you how to teach yoga effectively and in an all inclusive, multi level manner. You will learn: - Proper class management - How to write a six week progressive class plan - Appropriate hands on adjustments - How to cater for different styles of learning, eg: the kinesthetic, auditory and visual learner - Yoga teacher ethics - How to protect yourself physically, whilst teaching to avoid repetitive strain injuries - The Business of Yoga - How to set up your yoga business (without becoming consumed by it!). This includes: - Advice on the best and cheapest way to advertise, including social networking and free yoga listing websites - Discounted web design (exclusive to Laxmi Yoga Teacher Training students) - Keeping your accounts in order and what is and what is not tax deductible - Practical Information - How to use music legally in class - How to become a fully insured teacher and why you should do this The Venues: To help create the correct atmosphere and learning environment we have chosen the The Hacienda Retreat Centre for our week residential in Adalucia Spain. Set in the Adalucian mountains, the Hacienda Retreat Centre is the perfect escape to develop your yoga practice and learn new skills. The venue includes: - A large yoga studio and outdoor teaching space - Meditation temple - Class room - Infinity swimming pool and sauna - beautiful panoramic views of the Andalucian countryside