14 Day Shakti Tantra Meditation Navartri Retreat, Greece


The retreat is a traditional tantric meditation retreat – Tantric Sadhana. Over 13 days we will sit 3 times a day and perform Japa Yoga around a Yantra. Some days there will also be Japa Yoga combined with Yagnas (fire ceremonies). During the retreat, you can still engage in daily activities. Supporting Practices: If you wish you can participate in Bhajans (devotional singing), Aarti (devotional ceremony), Serva (selfless service) and Hatha Yoga. Tantric Sadhana The secret behind the practice of Tantra is the subtle connection between awareness and energy. In the Tantric Sadhana, the subtle energy Kundalini Shakti (the energy of awakening) is gradually activated and is leading to an expansion and awakening of the individual consciousness. Tantra is also a worship of the goddess who gives life to all of us. So if you are devotional it can benefit the practice. Japa Yoga is one of the most widely spread forms of yoga in India and Tibet. Most traditions of India are using some forms of Japa Yoga, which consists of repeating different mantras. This induces a specific state of meditation which will lead to purification and more awareness. Yantra is a tantric diagram that is used to increase the effect of the meditation. The Yantra will be built on the first day of the retreat and will be erased on the last. Yagna For the practice to enter deep inside, in parallel with the Yantra there will also be Yagnas. This meditation will be performed with food offerings as a sacrifice to the fire. It is a widespread practice in India today and done since ancient times. Bhajans If you wish to develop devotion. Singing mantras and devotional songs elevate the energies and open the heart. Bhajans belong to Bhakti Yoga. Serva If you wish you can help with a small task so the course can run smoothly. Cleaning the rooms, cutting vegetables etc. Serva belongs to Karma Yoga. Hatha Yoga If you wish you can participate in Hatha Yoga it frees the body from tension and helps to balance the energies. Benefits: Harmonizing the deeper lays of the mind Tantra meditation works for everyone beginner or advanced Become stronger mentally and find inner peace The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature Discover how traditional Tantra meditation is easy to bring into daily life No knowledge is necessary for the efficiency of the practice The teachers have up to 20 years of experience with Tantra meditation

When Tue From October 9, 2018 to
October 22, 2018
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