Isis Rebirth 11 /11 Tour


Have you ever felt the urge to travel to Egypt and try to connect with that past? Maybe you’ve actually been to Egypt and done the “tourist thing” but missed that spiritual knowledge. This is your chance to discover your roots in Ancient Egypt – The Calling of Isis. This is not a tour you will find in the tourist guide books! This is an unique trip I am in the process of developing, and I am so excited about some of the things I have permission for us to experience. Things that you most definitely would not experience on the tourist route! It’s all still in the process of being developed, with Roslyn Jenkins from 'My Egypt', but I wanted to give you plenty of notice, because you will not want to miss this – and there will be very limited numbers on this trip of a lifetime. So enter it in your diary, let me know now if you want to come and keep your eye on this page in the coming months as I complete the itinery, but here is a taster…… Day 1 Arrive and settle in at Mena House. Relax and enjoy a massage, after the massage. We will head towards the swimming pool and start your rebirthing out of the primordial waters meditate under stars as you view the Pyramids ,as I take you though a trust meditation to get us into the mystical energy of Egypt. After that we will have a Scrumptious dinner Day 2. Today is your Rebirth into Isis as her High Priestess or priest. This Ceremony is to be held in one of the most Sacred places in Egypt. It is so Sacred that I am not currently allowed to tell you about this place, but know that is not something that is offered to the public. This is the major highlight of this trip – a Sacred “Holy of Holies.” You will be dressed in a galabeya (provided) and after your Initiation Ceremony, you will be presented with a hand-printed papyrus scroll confirming your Initiation into Isis. Day 3 After a relaxing breakfast in the shadow of the Pyramids, we will travel to the Great Pyramid of Kufu and even get to ride a Carmel! Then it’s back to the hotel for some “me time,” and a change of clothing and we are off to experience a wonderful light show and dinner. Day 4 Today is the beginning of the teaching of Isis and preparation for the coming Ceremony, with meditations morning and evening and a day of workshops where we will learn about the essential oils used by Ancient Egyptians from the beginning of time! We will have Isis readings and even get henna tattoos! Day 5 We plan to spend this day at the Egyptian Museum to learn about our history. Come home for a leisurely swim and to get ready for a 1001 Arabian Nights experience at the Bazaars! Day 6 Pack your bags we are off on a cruise, traveling down the Nile in the steps of Ramses ll and Nefertiti. Mystery night of ancient fun. Karnak Sound and Light This is to be a 10-day tour and not everything is fully settled just yet – but you can see that this is going to be an amazing experience. Want to come and join me on this tour

When Sun From November 4, 2018 to
November 18, 2018

10:00 pm - 10:00 am
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