Wild Woman Weekend 2018


Join us at the in the beautiful Serpentine Hills of Western Australia for our 13th Annual Wyld Woman Weekend :: Friday 6th April ~ Sunday 8th April 2018 :: ‘ The Crystal Temples of Lemuria, dreaming & reactivating our cellular memory, integrating its magick with sacred geometry. Come dance with the Priestess, come sing with the Sage, as we gather together to call our new age' Wild Woman Weekend is an intimate gathering of awakening women, the rewylding of our sacred selves. In this our 13th annual weekend, we immerse ourselves in the wonders of Ancient Lemuria. Crystal Grids, Sacred Geometry, Conscious focused Ritual and the Celebration of Life. We come together to refine our feminine arts, receive healing, deepen our devotion, align to our integrity and initiate into a greater depth of knowing thy self. Together we rise & create a Temple of Healing for our larger community. Experiencing once again the ecstasy and deep peace it is to live, breathe, love and gather together in a space devoted to healing the Sistahood wound, through the deep witnessing of one another, exploration of self-empowerment and CELEBRATION of all that it is to be a woman! Our Wyld Woman Sistahood calls to us, beckons us, can you feel the pull upon the threads? EARTH : AIR : FIRE : WATER : ETHER : ALCHEMY : SISTAHOOD : PRIESTESS : GODDESS In our womanhood, the sacred feminine we wax and wane through the cycles of life; Through Mother, Maiden & Crone As we expand into the infinite choices that define our being; that urges us to grow and expand. Through the joys & pains of our sweet existence, we find our edges, seek, & explore; We find our truths, live towards harmony & hold space for one another as Sistas. " WOMEN IN CELEBRATION OF ONE ANOTHER " So we send out a call across the lands, through the roots of the trees, upon the breath of the winds, flowing within the waterways & heard in the crackle of the fires. We call to all women, sistas, mothers, daughters, grandmothers; To all free spirit's, open-hearted ones, Goddess's & wyld women. The call to come forth, to gather, to circle. Within this space, our own world within worlds, we share stories, magic & wisdom; We laugh together, dance together & pull upon the wyld threads. We create our sisterhood to help support, to heal, to empower & to encourage one another as we all journey along our paths. Once this circle is created it is never broken. On this our Wyld Woman Weekend retreat, we feed, nourish & cherish our very being. We honour & empower ourselves from the inside out. We create & strengthen friendships with ourselves & our wyld sisters. We ignite the internal flame to follow our passions and our dreams. We share tools & ways to honour ourselves, the elements, Goddess's, mother earth & grandmother moon. But most of all we gift ourselves permission just to be. To be ourselves & to empower ourselves to be the best Wyld Women we could be. ** )O( **


Larissa O'Neill

Website: https://www.wyldtribe.com/

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When Fri From April 6, 2018 to
April 8, 2018

4:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Western Australia