Adrienne Ventura


Adrienne became certified in Yoga and Pilates within North America in 2006. She then trained in the east traveling to India and embarked on an intensive training in Thailand of the chakra system (energy centers along the spine) In chakra Yoga she is trained in nine different styles of Yoga each correlating with a specific chakra and the connection to oneself. Her own experience with pregnancy led her to become a Pre-natal Yoga Instructor with a Kundalini basis. Practicing Pilates and Yoga in Post-natal training has assisted her by providing tools to use as a Guide and Mother. Hosting Yoga, Healing and Raw Food Retreats worldwide has been a natural progression of spreading her message to others in the best possible way, supported by others and completely tuned in with your process of healing: mind, body and soul. While still learning and applying the benefits to your daily life, friends and family. Adrienne’s path has taught her to slow down, let go and trust intuitively. Her classes, workshops and retreats bring a diverse spectrum full of love, light and sound.




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+1 949 241 6221

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