Amanda De Warren - Medium, Healer & Animal Communicator


Amanda De Warren is one of the world's most gifted mediums and animal communicators. If you would like clarity in your life, connect with loved ones who have passed over, help with fertility or to speak with your animals Amanda De Warren will amaze you. Many things can come through during a reading, including someone you might never have met, such as a grandparent, or a friend or pet long gone. If you’re looking for direction in your life, there is no better way than getting that from your loved ones who have passed as they see past, present and future. Phone readings/channellings are conducted from anywhere in the world. They are just as clear as in person. Phone readings make up about 95% of Amanda’s channellings and are very popular as people can have these from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them. They are just as effective as a face-to-face reading as Amanda receives the same information from your loved ones as she would if she was sitting in front of you. The connection is recorded and the tape/CD sent to your home for you to keep. During these channellings, messages for others might come through. For example, Amanda was conducting a medium channelling for a woman in Ireland when a young man came through. He said his name was Pete and he drowned at the age of seven. He said his mother lived up the road and that her name was Marion. The woman couldn’t figure it out until she mentioned it to another neighbor who was shocked. Marion did indeed live about six houses up the road and her son named Peter passed away at seven from drowning. The message was passed on to her as she listened to the tape. It gave her a great sense of peace that she hadn’t felt in over 50 years since he had passed. A reading with Amanda will change your life.


PO Box 77
Lowood, QLD, Australia
Queensland 4311

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