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We live in the age of “perfect parenting”. Everywhere you turn there’s some advice on what you should and shouldn’t do. Nobody wants to “damage “ their children but the fear that is generated is fueling a generation of overly worried and anxious Mums and Dads. Good and great intentions are having negative impacts on children because we have become very confused about what is and isn’t OK when it comes to implementing boundaries, and the difference between discipline and punishment. The consequences often inadvertently lead our children to grow up without the skills of resilience, problem solving and autonomy, often leading to depression, eating disorders and addictions. This workshop provides a space for discussion, some common sense guidelines for reflection, some kind and respectful ways to say No when you mean No, AND some soothing calming techniques for the over-worried and anxious. Come and join us and be re-energised as a parent!


17 Myahgah Road
Mosman, Australia

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