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Want to Radically Transform Your Mindset, Career Or Business? (No fluff, No hype. Learn from a BRW Fast Starters 100 Company) DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE AND ELEVATE YOUR LIFE Many people live in conflict. Their heart longs to do something inspiring and meaningful with their lives, but they postpone it to “someday”. Or logically, you know you “should” be doing something but you can’t make that decision to really follow through. The most important decision you can make is the direction your life will take. The problem is, when it comes to these decisions, conflicts can arise between your head (thoughts), your heart (feelings) and your hand (actions). These conflicts can be incredibly frustrating. Here are the 5 major frustrations people face in the world today. If you identify with any of them, then make sure you attend this event: 1. I want to create a better life as quickly as possible I'm ready to create big changes in my life now. I want to have enough money to live a good life, have a loving relationship, be happy, have a career I love and travel when I want. And I want to feel fulfilment by enjoying the journey, not just the destination. I want to enjoy each day, starting today. I would love it if someone could just sit me down and show me exactly how to do it. 2. My work is ok and it pays the bills BUT I don't love it. I want to "do what I love" like everyone says. But I don't know what else I CAN do. I don't want to take risks and a paycut by changing careers right now. My work lacks meaning, the pay is not enough and I don’t like the hours I do...but what other choices do I have? 3. I’ve tried so many things to turn my life around, but I still feel stuck. Either there’s something internal blocking me from moving forward, or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. The things I’ve tried in the past seemed to work at first, but after the excitement wore off it just turned into “shelf help”. 4. I don’t know what I should be doing with my life I know I have so much more to give and do, but I’m not sure what that is. If only I knew, then I could have something to throw my heart into and work towards. 5. Sometimes I’m unsure and I doubt myself. It makes sense that many things are POSSIBLE, but I don't know IF I have what it takes. I hear all the fantastic stories at seminars and in books, but I'm not sure if they are true...or true for me. Also, it doesn’t help that my friends and family don’t fully understand where I’m coming from.


Level 3, 169 Castlereagh St
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

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