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“The Theme of the Forty Retreat is ‘Making the Shift - a practical guide to consciousness evolution.’ The time is right on our planet for making this shift. It's a year that will support those who are seeking to make the shift to a higher level of consciousness. I am eagerly looking forward to work with those who are ready to work on self transformation using every tool that is available to them. Let's begin that inner change that we become powerful agents of change in the co creation of a new world - the world we need. Let's begin that co creation now that it becomes a reality at the earliest! Let's not wait.” Yours in service Sri Vasudeva Sri Vasudeva’s final transformation in consciousness occurred over a miraculous forty day period. During the late 1990’s he began to give sequential 40 Day meditation retreats on these dates to help recreate this forty-day journey for the benefit of sincere seekers – hence the dawn of the “40 Days Observance” (or “The 40 Days” as it is now affectionately called). Following through the previous 40 Days retreats will provide a step-by-step foundation in preparation for this years retreat "Making the Shift".


Blue Star Centre Trinidad and Tobago
39 Bandoo Street, Union Village, Claxton Bay , Tri


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