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Rocky Mountain Escape’s credo is to conserve our unique environment. We’re committed to preserving this subalpine ecosystem, enabling guests to enjoy an unspoiled wilderness experience. Through our efforts, and of others committed to sustainable development, our secluded valley has been designated as a Wildlands Park under the Alberta Special Places 2000 Act. And we continue to be a voice for environmental protection. Rather than conquer the wilderness here, we accept nature on her own terms and try to co-exist in harmony. As our guests, you’ll enjoy wholesome, family-style meals, served up in our central cook house. Try a great slab of choice Alberta Grade A beef, sizzled cowboy style over an open campfire. Or savor prime rib, first seared and then roasted in a mouth-watering western sauce in the cookie’s wood burning stove. Meals are complimented with locally grown and wild plants and sprinkled with wild stories. (Note: Non-meat or other special dietary preferences will be gladly accommodated). Afterwards, with red cheeks, sparkling eyes and full bellies, relax and relate the day’s adventures with other guests around a crackling campfire. Wrap yourself in a homemade afghan and browse through the reference books on ancient landforms, wildlife and plants surrounding our area. Rocky Mountain Escape is dedicated to ensuring that each guest receives an optimum, personalized experience, and an exciting and memorable adventure. Leave the cares and chaos of civilization behind – at least for a little while! – and refresh your soul with the quiet serenity of nature.


P. O. Box 5029
Hinton, Alberta, Canada
T7V 1X3

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+1 780 865 0124

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