Equine Guided Growth


Discover how to deal with stress effortlessly and efficiently by learning mindfulness meditation with horses On an Equine-guided Mindfulness Meditation Retreat you will meditate with horses, interact with horses, learn from horses, write about horses and go for long walks with horses…while you learn how to communicate better, build better relationships, feel better about yourself and discover how to handle stress effectively. At Les Sources Sacrées, a small stud farm amongst the vineyards of south-west France, the pace of life slows down dramatically from the moment you arrive and the peace won by cultivating and lovingly caring for this patch of land for centuries invades your soul as soon as you step out of the car. Our horses are intelligent, intuitive and eager to offer you the rare opportunity to discover the boundless insight and limitless understanding that can develop between a person and a horse, based on respect and trust. No horse riding involved.


Marciac, France

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