Our sacred land in Kamloops, British Columbia is home to a herd of free roaming horses, llamas and our resident Buddha, Tesoro the bull. Follow the Herd on the 320 acre land of old growth forests, meadows, lakes, and magical places. Take a guided tour to meet the powerful trees, rocks, and explore the chakras and vortices. Tune and raise your vibration through the powerful crystals of Gateway and healing sessions with the Herd. Discover the power of intention and how it manifests in your personal journey with meditation through the Spirit Lodge. Follow your interests and explore animal and communication with all life through journaling, dowsing, opening to channel and trusting and refining your innate abilities,learn herd language, liberty play and alternative riding, get certified in Equinistic Healing or just relax and heal mind, body and soul in the quiet and beauty of Gateway 2 Ranch. The 320 acres of enchanted forests, hills, lakes, rivers of underground crystals and magnificent views, is an energetic matrix for personal transformation through higher consciousness, universal love and connection to all life. Equinisity is "The gift of finding the unexpected yet truly meaningful perspective through the almost 360 degree vision of the equine." Experience a new way of being from The Herd - come back to your world with a new perspective...


#427, 230-1210 Summit Dr.
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

V2C 6M1

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+1 250 377 3884

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