Flower Dreaming


What do you want to have, be or do? Set it in motion. Flowdreaming teaches you how to define and program your future by using the living, flowing, quantum energies of our world. You can finally take real energetic steps to achieving any dream you have, in a place of total safety and comfort with like-minded students. Join this retreat if you want to: *understand how your future is formed, and how you can change or guide it into more fulfilling directions *learn to change any area of your life from its energy-basis outward (such as a relationship, your health, or job) *feel your personal, unique Flow, which is your path of least resistance an greatest reward in life *learn an actual technique and which mental/emotional tools to use to actually change and direct the structure of your future Cost is ALL INCLUSIVE*: All meals, lodging, spa entry fees, 50-minute spa treatment (excluding gratuity), and retreat fees. *Doesn't include transportation to the event or private sessions with Summer.


25005 Glen Ivy Road
Corona, California
California 92883
United States

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