Gede Aryadi ‘Deduk’ and Sarah Heider - Mind Body Soul - Surf Bali Retreat Seminyak


Connect to Mind. Connect to Body. Connect to Soul. Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Seminyak Bali is a once in a lifetime surf, yoga, spa & culture retreat for women set amidst enchanting surroundings. We're a boutique, women’s escape that combines surfing, yoga, spa and culture into three different well-being surf retreat packages: Ultimate Bali Bliss – all-inclusive surf, yoga, spa & culture retreat for the woman who wants to do it all Soul N’ Surf - surf, yoga & spa retreat for the woman who wants a less intensive surf holiday Surf Sister – surf retreat, for the woman whose focus is surfing and individual free time to follow her own bliss activity What to expect Treat yourself to something extraordinary- have fun, get pampered and enjoy an adventure with: Surf lessons teach you patience, self-empowerment, courage and love for nature. Keeps your mind, body and soul healthy, strong and young at heart. Spa treatments let you unwind, find balance, tranquility and reconnect with your natural state of wellbeing. Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation leaving you feeling reconnected and restored. Bali’s Culture will teach you open hardheartedness and compassion while unveiling beauty and magic. Guests will learn to surf, practice yoga, indulge in spa pampering, eat delicious healthy food and experience the Bali way of life, all while taking time to relax and reconnect their mind, body and spirit. All of us at Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali do everything with love and dedication and with one goal in mind, to ensure you have an exceptional, heartfelt retreat that will exceed your expectations. Our top priority is to make you feel special and to ensure each individuals needs are met. Get ready to feel empowered, spark your Creativity and be inspired...


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