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This private customized retreat is designed for one goal: behavior change and actual shifts of consciousness, emotional well-being, that resist 'rational means of influence and teaching'. That is, Einstein said "no problem will ever be solved on the same level of thinking the problem was originally created on". This retreat process goes to that 'other level'. Did you know that one out of every two retreat participants will go back to "old behaviors" and fail to capitalize on the rejuvenation and insight received on a retreat? Why Is this? The answer is that we are hardwired to resist change. Our retreats add in a neuroscience technology and powerful insights on 'change' with Dr. Fleming, a leading guru in the field of behavior change, to make sure there is a better "bridge" between what you theoretically seeking and what you will actually attain. Most retreats impart information for transformation. But do not address the irrational neural networks and 'wiring' that makes the getaway fruitless many times. How does it work? You all pick the location worldwide as well as the goals and content of study /topics/ activities that are most meaningful to you. We bring the facilitative dialogue and neurotechnology to turn that information into meaningful action. This way you can turn up the knob on the probability that healing and transformation occur.....for every retreat needs one more seat booked, one more invitation: For our brain. It usually has the last word. So this time seek to "get away" and heal all----including our own irrationality. I can come to you wherever you are/where you want to retreat such as the following hot spots for personal/couples retreats: U.S., South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia


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