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This Bodywork course is an introductory workshop designed to introduce you to the philosophy and practice of Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST), a development and extension of Bowen bodywork therapy. You will learn how to help friends and family with pain reduction, stress, mobility improvement and health restoration. NST is an interpretation of the later practice and principles of Tom Bowen as he developed his skills, and in this advanced method elements of other therapies are used. Extensive statistical analysis of NST has shown a high success rates in treatment, with excellent clinical results for practitioners. Beginners have remarkable success right away. NST is designed to reorganise the fascia and muscle system of the whole body, thereby decreasing a client’s pain whilst increasing mobility. It is remarkably easy to learn, even for beginners. For 80% of clients NST generally gives major pain and stress relief within 2-4 treatments. And for practitioners it provides excellent clinical results with far less effort than many other therapies. The standard 2-day NST intensive bodywork course has been stretched out here at Kalikalos to seven days so as to allow time for ‘beachwork’, swimming, hiking, sunshine relaxation and living within a holistic community setting in a historic and beautiful part of mainland Greece close to the Aegean sea. Participants will learn a powerful integrated Dynamic Body Balance covering lower back, upper back, diaphragm release, and neck. This sequence is designed to address a broad range of structural symptoms including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and more. The body balance also facilitates stress relief and relaxation. There are no pre-requistes for joining this bodywork course, it is therefore ideal for beginners. A basic familiarity with anatomy and physiology is useful, though not essential. If you are considering becoming a Bowen therapist, this course is an ideal starting point.


Xenonas Martiou
Kissos, Tsangarada, Pelion, Greece

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