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Welcome! I’m Nicole Barrote and my aspiration is for you to have fun as your wellness, business and life expand exponentially. During ten years of teaching wellness, and business consulting I have observed that we humans learn best and can integrate new information fastest when we are in a relaxed state of mind and body. My approach to teaching cultivates our inner source of power while overcoming self-limiting beliefs. We are able to surpass our own expectations by learning to shift our mindset and focus inward. Each breath, mental focus, and movement sequence is designed to build progressively, so that we can reach our fullest potential. Learn Pure came about as a holistic wellness company to effectively guide people to profound life improvements through recalibrating the mind and tapping into the breadth of our human ability! To help serve our wellness needs I founded two wellness companies, Learn Pure a service company and Jubilee Organics an essential oil product company. Jubilee Organics was created because in my teachings I needed an organic product to help improve mental focus, clear pain from the body and provide cleansing powers. I reached for the power of Organic Essential Oils and after 6 months of tinkering with the right blends of effective oils and carriers – Jubilee was born! A line of 11 original wellness therapeutics have now been created and manufactured. This grassroots company has grown and we sell both wholesale and retail, to individuals and large companies. JOrganics is an organic essential oil company creating powerful blends that help balance and connect our mind and body to untapped areas.




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