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Meet Alison Levesley in Singapore and Live the Life You Always Wanted ______________________________________________________ ~ Heart, Mind, Body Festival, Booth D3 ~ 1) FREE Mini Workshop : Connecting to Your Higher Self 22 November 2015, 6 – 6.55 pm 2) 10 mins Mini Readings / Consultation @ $30 From 20 – 22 November 2015, 2 – 7pm at Booth D3 Ask Alison anything you want to know about Love, Career, Money, Health and others! ______________________________________________________ ~ Workshops~ Sign up ALL 3 workshops and Alison’s private consultations by 23 November to enjoy a savings of Singapore $116! 1) Connecting and Understanding Your Energy 23 November 2015 6.30 – 10.30pm @ 10, Anson Rd, International Plaza, #19-14, Integrity Room Workshop Fee : $85 Join in this fun exploration of your energy and learn how to feel and experience the energy around us. Through breath, meditation and fun exercises, you will gain a greater understanding of how to care for your own energy and the environment around you. Alison will also offer one lucky person the opportunity to receive a personal experience of her Chakra healing work. 2) Nurturing Yourself - Learning the Tools for Your Transformation Fri, 4 December 2015 9 – 5pm @ 229, Mountbatten Road, #02-27, Mountbatten Square Early Bird Fee before 27 November : $225 / Normal Fee : $275 (Lunch provided) So often in our lives, we are so busy just getting on with it that we miss the calling from within. This one-day workshop will teach you the following tools to hear your inner wellbeing for a healthier life : - Breath – Learn the different techniques to switch off our minds and relax totally - Listening to your inner knowing and what your body is telling you - Letting go of the simple stuff - We will be doing short simple practices to release the small stuff in our lives, once and for all. - Inner walking - guided meditations for relaxation and time out - And many more 3) Breaking Free - An Interactive 2 day workshop Sat and Sun, 5 – 6 December 9 – 5pm @ 229, Mountbatten Road, #02-27, Mountbatten Square Early Bird Fee before 27 November : $550 / Normal Fee : $625 (Lunch provided on all days) This 2 day Interactive workshop allows you to explore your life through questioning, attunements, learning new tools, shamanic journeys, discussion, meditation, imagery, creativity and more. A brief overview of the 2-day workshop : - Connecting to your higher self, protection and clearing with guided meditations. - Attunement to Divine Mother energy for loving and nurturing yourself. Alison will pass healing by touching and blessing each person on both days. - The varying levels of consciousness – what are they and how they play out in our daily lives? - Focusing on the issue/ blocks that prevent you to move forward in your career, relationships and in knowing what you want in your life. - Limiting beliefs, focusing on ways to clear them, enable you to take back a healthy control. - Exploration of how we give away our power and in doing so we limit ourselves so it is time to take our power back - And many more ______________________________________________________ ~ Private Consultations ~ 60 mins Private Reading and Healing session with Alison Levesley 20 – 24 November, 2 – 3, 7 December 2015 *Special Introductory offer @ $300 only!* Alison’s intuitive psychic and body sensing abilities in these readings have helped thousands around the world to get to the source of their problem a lot faster. Her healing and readings are so accurate that she had 108 bookings in her recent Beijing trip in July! She will help you to get ‘back on track’ by advising you the techniques necessary to retake control and direction of your life, and work towards a more meaningful future. Register now at to begin your transformation journey


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