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Teaching from your Bones, Your Core, the Authentic You: Teacher Training Ubud Bali. What does it mean live from your center? From your heart? How do you stay centered and grounded as a teacher and speak your truth? What matters to you “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”Mary Oliver Who is this program for? This program is for teachers who have already completed a 200 hour teacher training and are already teaching. You must be committed to your practice and open to new possibilities of being in your body, relating to yourself, and others.This is the place to trust yourself and the power inside of you. You’re ready to advance your asana; Commit yourself to a deeper meditation practice; Explore more subtle ways of sensing your body; Open to learning new ways to adjust a student’s body; Hone your “sensing” skills as a teacher (listening, feeling, seeing). We will go deeper into sequencing for classes and refine our teaching skills including how we stand, walk, talk and present ourselves. You will practice pranayama and delve deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga. This is an opportunity to see yourself in an even more empowered way. This course also covers the business of yoga. For Cat, who started teaching yoga at the age of 22 with high hopes of living in caves and jungles and never touching an excel spreadsheet, exploring the concept of yoga as a business has been an interesting journey. What does it mean to be in the yoga business? Some would never group “yoga” and “business” together – thinking yoga as “sacred” and business as “dirty.” Some have already been in the corporate world and see the business side of yoga as a helpful grounding tool as a way to organize, share, and be successful. Interesting questions come up when we start to talk about money. Are we allowed to make money as yoga teachers? Should we be donating this? Should we feel guilty about money? Maybe you’d love to make more money…but you’ve spent so long in the ethereal realm that the skills required to actually grow your business terrify you. There’s an interesting question about self-worth as well. Can we let ourselves be seen as we are? Are we worthy and enough? We aren’t teaching yoga to make big bucks. Like any true passion in life, we teach because we love it. We can’t help ourselves. In the age of social media, there can be a pressure and a bigger question – how has the presentation of yoga shifted? How do we stay authentic? What is our own individual gift that we share? This course will include some practical business skills to help those of you who feel intimidated by accounting, marketing, websites, writing bios, workshops, creating retreats, or even trainings. We will talk about the importance of getting support and working with others as well as the necessity to “get dirty” and learn these skills yourself. For Cat, building her business gave her important grounding skills and self-awareness. It’s amazing how taking responsibility for where you put your energy can be hugely healing. Building your business is building your vision. It’s how you choose to share what matters to you. You also get to study your own habits. One of the best ways to understand yourself is to see where all your money goes. Along with the Business of Yoga, you will spend some time in your morning with Emil Wendel practicing pranayama before your asana. You will also go more in-depth into yogic philosophy and history. You will see when you look at your homework preparation how to prepare for your study with him. For those of you who don’t know Emil, you can learn more at: This course is truly your time to retreat, to reflect upon what matters to you; to intune whether how you’re teaching and practicing is truly in-line with the fullness of you. There will be an opportunity for you to discover and clear any blockages that are up for you so that you can live more fully as yourself. For our ethics and exploration of healthy boundaries for both ourselves as teachers and as humans, we will cover what is called “The Wheel of Consent.” Matt Schwent will be coming in to talk about this. Matt teaches tantra, sacred sexuality, and has a background in shamanism. You can read more about him on his Matt’s integrity and clarity as a practitioner enhances his remarkable ability to share what’s needed for each student at the level they are ready to step up to. How he explains “The Wheel of Consent” is simplified as follows: It is important to understand how to be clear, honest, and healthy in how we interact with ourselves and one another. Curriculum: Advanced Asana: What does it mean to be “advanced” as a practitioner? An opportunity to practice more physically challenging asana whilst delving into the depth and subtlety of both structural alignment and the energetics of each pose. Review and refinement of sequencing in a class: for a slow flow, vinyasa class, touching on Cat’s “Core Flow” class. Talking both about how to teach in a safe way, offer up-level and down-level, how to work with multi-levels, how to build themes and work the energetics while teaching. The Art of Adjustment: How, when, and where to offer adjustments and corrections. The power of touch. Understanding boundaries – yours and others. Different ways to adjust focusing on specific bodies. Working with injuries. Body Reading: Learn to trust and use your seeing skills: the importance of the power of intuition when teaching. How these affects what and how you cue a pose as well as what sort of adjustments you would make. See how everyone’s body is different structurally…as well as the potential subtle energetics in the body energetics in the body. The importance of the power of intuition when teaching. Business Skills: marketing, accounting, website, bio page, photos, working with video, your own ethics in business, creating a brand, being authentic in your business, creating workshops and retreats. Yoga Ethics: The Wheel of Consent, understanding your own boundaries, honoring another, learning to ask for what you want Yoga History and Philosophy with Emil Wendel ( Meditation: Shamata and Mindfulness Pranayama with Emil Wendel Ready to commit? Please fill out the application. Cat Kabira will personally contact you to let you know if you are accepted. Along with the application you need at least one year between your 200 hour course and this one. You must have been teaching as well. We require a letter of recommendation from a student, studio director, fellow teacher or mentor (who is not a close friend or family member).


The Yoga Barn
Jln Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Bali 80571

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