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About Orion I have been blessed with three profound teachers in my life : Richard Running Deer (Southern Ute Medicine Man), Dickie Minytiri (Pitjantjatjara Nungkri) and Dr Rafael Locke (PhD Anthropology, PhD Psychology, Medical Science Degree) a visiting Professor University of Virginia. I trained under Dr Locke for 4 years and I am an initiated shaman in the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society www.sotems.com.au I specialise in soul and river-of-life readings. Often there are follow up rituals that are required to resolve "stuff" that may arise from the readings, such as : 1. Unresolved anger, resentment, grief etc 2. Related health matters that can flow from unresolved emotion 3. Previous life "stuff" carried into this life 4. Soul repair As a Shaman all that I do is centred around healing. Healing is to make “things” better, this may or may not involve a cure.


Vallecitos Mountain Ranch
Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

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+61 4147 07876

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