Pamela Underwood


COME HOME to your BODY and FEED YOUR SOUL! Since the beginning of Bodywriting® in 1994 women have been reclaiming who they are NOW through poetry, visual art, sound and movement. Through these portals of art “Bodywriters” revisit, review and re-write stories held in their bodies on a deeply cellular level. Realize that you are not alone in the creative process. Drop masks and pretense; print your nude body and become co-creator with the image that emerges. Through movement, writing, sound and visual art techniques ask the life size image who has arrived, “What is your name? Are you human, animal, bird, other worldly or earth being? What do you bring? What do you need from me next?”. Then we follow the image as a companion and guide.


15376 Running Deer Trail
Poway, CA, USA
California 92064
United States

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+1 619 857 8820

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