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Yoga is a way of stilling the mind, strengthening the body and calming the emotions. It gives a sense of well being and connectedness to life. It originated in India. Some scholars date it as more than four thousand years old and ever since Yoga began, human beings have gained benefit from its practice. It has been practiced in its many forms by millions of people throughout the world and is becoming ever more popular in our modern times. Most of us know Yoga firstly as a type of physical keep fit system. This type of yoga is known as 'Hatha Yoga'. Indeed many Yoga students do not know that Yoga is fundamentally a philosophy, that teaches many ways or practices to ' Self-realisation' of which Hatha Yoga - (which focuses mainly on breathing and posture work) - is only one. Other Yoga practices include sitting meditation (as practiced in Raja Yoga); self understanding (as is practiced in Jnana Yoga); selfless service (as practiced in Karma Yoga); and worship or devotion to God/life itself (as practiced in Bhakti Yoga). Hatha Yoga, as a form of physical exercise is of tremendous value to our health on every level and practiced along with other Yoga's can become a beautiful journey of Self-discovery.


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