Rasa Lila - Dijan


Give yourself a week in the lush and nourishing nature of Ubud to enjoy the magnificent woman you are. Yoga therapy designed for a beautiful, strong, balanced, healthy body and a clear, light mind. Tantric discourses and exercises to explore and fully embody the feminine energy. Jade egg rituals and sensual dance to tap into our creative power. Introduction to Ayurveda to understand our constitution and needs. Individualized program for your own particular needs and desires. Did these thoughts ever cross your mind: 'I have to work and act like a man in a woman's body', 'I want to tap into other feminine qualities that I adore but cannot express', 'I don't feel comfortable in my body', 'I cannot feel pleasure deeply'... The Feminine Way will offer you the guidance and experience you need to make a change. What To Expect From This Retreat? - Improve your health: practical, efficient tools for immune system boost, hormonal balance, digestive health, rejuvenation, sexual health and many more - Learn Tantra in a safe environment: immerse into your feminine power and radiance through these magical teachings - Get in touch with your sensuality - Discover your gifts and talents and learn how to utilize them for a happier and healthier life


Bali 80571

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