Sedona Wellness Retreat


Sedona’s Wellness Retreat offers Individualized Advanced Therapy wellness programs & retreats in the beautiful setting of the World Famous Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona. We specialize in taking care of you and your needs. We customize the program for your needs and health concerns. During your stay, we have the privilege of serving you so all your time is used for healing and learning. We will send you home fully equipped to continue what you have learned and experienced while with us. We give you the opportunity to experience the information that you are receiving. Welcome to your Journey to a healthy living! Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you. (928) 613-2233 Our Retreat is a nutritional program that utilizes the body's own mechanism in the treatment of chronic debilitating illness and improving your health. Our Advanced Therapy is a detoxification and rebuilding program. It consists of flooding the body daily with nutrients from about 15-20 POUNDS of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables daily. We offer our advanced nutritional therapies to support the detoxification process. As a result of detoxification and increased oxygenation, cellular regeneration of all organs occurs, in particular that of the liver, and the immune system to restore them to its optimal function. This program is similar to those clinics in Mexico offering the same program. THE 2 to 12 WEEK RETREAT FOR GUESTS WITH CHRONIC DISEASES, CANCER, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS and more. Many just come to our program to improve their overall health and advanced cleanse program. The therapy is a long term nutritional program used successfully for years in the supportive treatment for chronic degenerative diseases. The nutritional program consists of 10-13 fresh organic vegetable juices, 3 meals per day made of raw and cooked food and supplemental vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The therapy is based on detoxification using coffee enemas and nourishment of the body and restoration of the immune system.


125 Kallof Pl
Sedona Wellness Retreat, Sedona, Arizona
Arizona 86336
United States

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+1 928 613 2233

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