Divine Feminine in Egypt Sacred Tour & Retreat


Join us in Awakening the Divine Feminine in the ancient land of Egypt. Empower your inner Goddess in Luxor, in the magnificent Karnak Temple, and commune with Sekhmet, Goddess of Healing Power and the Fierce Divine Feminine. Travel to the temples of Hathor and Isis, as we work with the Goddess archetypes of Love, Fertility, Beauty and Magic, integrating the energies into our chakra systems. The Divine Feminine is rising, and in order for us to rise we need to activate our personal power. We will be looking at how to fully anchor our power in the Base Chakra, integrating into the Heart, and expressing through the Throat chakra with the power of sacred voice. As we empower ourselves, we will help to awaken the collective Divine Feminine. Sail with your soul sisters on a private boat on the Nile, river of infinite mysteries. Visiting the Nile Temples, each one a place of sacred initiation, integrating everything into the Heart Chakra at the Temple of the Mother Goddess, Isis, on Philae Island. Access the keys and codes of Ancient Egypt and remember your soul's journey as we sojourn together.


Achti Luxor
Al Awameya, P.O. Box 43, Luxor

Luxor Temple


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