True to Heart


Who would you be without your story? Would you like to stop living on automatic pilot? Would you like to stop running from your Life? and live life? Would you like to see clearly what is happening in your life? Come and join us and discover the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from living a joy filled life. Five day Residential Retreat held at Stewarts Bay Lodge, Port Arthur Tasmania. Retreat Information This retreat invites you to Come and question the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from living a joy filled life. Leave your usual schedules and responsibilities behind. Feel the impact of your belief systems. Address issues with a simple, effective method in a safe environment. Experience a new way of being with yourself and others. Recognise the freedom of accepting life just as it is. Develop a deeper understanding of The Work to support a lasting difference in your life. Discover the peace that already exists within you. Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions Set aside habitual patterns that keep you separate from feelings and beliefs that arise. Respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations in your life. See situations more clearly. The Retreat includes morning walks, meditation, group interaction, sharing, and 1 to 1 inquiry. Inquiry is a simple yet powerful method of personal development and self-discovery that allows us to identify, question and transform the limitations and beliefs that bring obstacles into our lives and get in the way of our freedom. Inquiry is a practice of bringing us back to, and leading into, our inner wisdom, clarity of mind, integrity, truth, and confident course of action. The art of asking powerful questions gives us the possibility of opening perspectives, changing paradigms and create new beginnings. People who use The Work experience extraordinary and lasting impact on their daily lives.


53 Begonia Street
Lindisfarne, Australia

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