Vanessa Castro


This 7 day retreat takes place in the exclusive, world-renowned Blue Spirit Retreat, located at the energy vortex and one of the 5 Blue Zones of the planet: Nosara Beach, Costa Rica. The beautiful feminine surroundings of natural Costa Rica will support the empowerment of all women who wish to understand the natural benefits and powerful gifts that lie in their inherent cyclic nature. Join international teachers Miranda Gray and Vanessa Castro for this unique sacred offering where you will learn practical ways to create a uniquely female approach to success, work, love, life and sex. No more feeling empty, no more seeing your female processes as illness, no more stress caused by suppressing your nature, no more feeling alone and isolated, no more feeling guilty about your sexual sensual self. Come and experience 7 days of sisterhood in a temple where you will be reborn, celebrated and cherished. The new you is waiting! Please share the news of this exciting event!


Blue Spirit Retreat
Nosara Beach, Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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