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Join us for a Wilderness Wisdom Journey to the Island! We will travel by canoe to the Ancient Island where we will sleep close to the earth beneath the stars. We will cook our meals directly on the campfire, living in our small community over the weekend. We will begin the day with simple practices to ease the mind and gracefully step into the beauty of the day. Crystal Singing Bowl sound vibrations to greet the rising sun and set the day in motion. Breathing, movement meditation, and simple practices that help bring us to stillness so we can better hear the messages that come from the inner core essence of who we are. Take some time to live simply, to bring stillness to your life and ease to your mind, to clarify your truth and joy, and to breathe life into your dreams. Take the time to remember who you really are. One day I was really mad about something..something someone else had said to me. I went for a jog over a small mountain to work it out, to ease my mind..the mosquitoes were thick through the damp forest of the early morning. I ran hard, then slowed only to be eaten alive, so I had to keep moving. The blackfly bites were bleeding around my ankles.. I kept moving through the thick and humid air towards the ocean. It felt like torture, and there was nothing I could do but keep moving. So I ran as hard as I could...and probably ate a thousand bugs....racing to the sandy beach. They didn't follow me out of the forest....and I was so happy to dig my bare toes into the sand..the tide had recently changed and was moving back out to sea, but it left the sandy earth damp. And with the heat of the day, the water was evaporating into a thick mist and the sun glowed majestically through this foggy cloud. I made my way to a circle created by the ancient bed rock. I lay down..feeling the hard, wet, sand on my back and I began to sing a favorite chant... I sang to the sun, to the moon, to the earth, and to the universe, and I sang to my soul, and its place in this universe. I could feel my teeth begin to vibrate, and then my back on the sand...my body began to buzz all over.. and I was vibrating with the earth around me. I stopped chanting and the vibration continued.. I could see it, and I could feel it...I could hear the vibration of the each tiny grain of sand, and each rock.. I could hear the song of the mist and the sun shining through it. I could hear the song of the earth and I could feel it, it was me, and I were it.. together, and I enjoyed this moment for what seemed like only minutes.. but hours later, with wonder, awe, and a sense of renewal and a deeper connection to who I really I am, I walked back over the mountain and through the woods.... Included in this Retreat: -Meals & Snacks from Dinner on Friday through Lunch on Sunday -Canoes, Paddles, Life Jackets & cooking gear -Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations & Practices -Yurt (Oaktagon) for sleeping (cooking and gathering if raining) -Composting Toilets -Swimming/rope swing -Walking Trails What you will need to bring -Tent (if you prefer to tent) -Sleeping bag/sleeping pad/small pillow -Personal Items This retreat will be Guided by Jaclyn Ouillette, Wilderness Wisdom Guide, Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine & Registered Maine Wilderness Guide Jaclyn has been leading wilderness journeys focused on personal growth and awareness since 2004. With a devastating battle with "uncurable, late-stage" lyme disease Jaclyn found herself on a 7-year journey that forced her to slow down and re-evaluate what was really important to her. Jaclyn had to re-establish her deep connection with the earth, her focus on health, well being, and ultimately her own truth. Jaclyn believes that in living simply and close to the earth, our true selves are remembered and brought to light. With 4 people $300 per person With 5 people $250 per person The cost goes down with more people. Send a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space to my paypal ouillette.jaclyn@gmail.com or a check written out to Jaclyn Ouillette and mailed to: 133 Burnell Dr Yarmouth, Maine 04096 For questions and to register please email or call Jaclyn at Ouillette.Jaclyn@gmail.com or 207-319-4116. For more information about Jaclyn's services visit her website www.WildernessWisdomJourneys.com I look forward to this journey with you, Jaclyn


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