Ayahuasca Retreat- Experience the Drink of Mental Healing

Are you thinking of going to an Ayahuasca retreat? That there is a brave move. We are already so proud of you!

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Going the Ayahuasca way is a courageous step. On the surface, it can appear to be daunting. But what it does to your life can be the turning point you need. During an Ayahuasca retreat, you will most likely witness people’s lives changing. People will:

  • vomit,
  • scream,
  • laugh out loud,
  • shed tears.

And, that is what happens when Ayahuasca initiates your change and healing journey.

Ayahuasca has religious roots. It is thus superb for your spiritual growth. And many westerners are getting into Ayahuasca retreats for their:

  • psychological healing,
  • personal growth,
  • expanding their consciousness. 

Ayahuasca treatment is controversial. What it can do for you is even more controversial. And this is why you need to enlighten yourself more before attending an Ayahuasca retreat. We break everything down for you. Keep reading for more. 

What is an Ayahuasca Retreat?

what is ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a brew made from the Barinsteriopsis Caapi and phychotrial viridis plants. This plant medicine can be foul-tasting. Sometimes, it comes with a hint of molasses-like taste. It all depends on how the resort prepares its brew.  

Additionally, the brew can be customized by adding other plants and ingredients. 

Ayahuasca is also referred to casually as tea or la purga. 

Taking Ayahuasca will alter your level of consciousness. This is due to psychoactive substances present in the ingredients. 

Ayahuasca is one of the medicinal plants still prevalent in South America. It is more common in Colombia and Costa Rica. We bet you have already heard of Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

 Experienced shamans typically lead ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Ayahuasca typically takes 20-60 minutes to start kicking in. And its effects last up to 6 hours.

What Happens at Ayahuasca Ceremonies? 

You must have heard of people’s experiences on an Ayahuasca retreat. Let us break it down for you. Most of those anecdotes focus on the immediate effects of taking the psychoactive brew. 

The Shaman prepares the Ayahuasca until it is concentrated. When ready, the guests take it under the supervision of the Shaman. Why always under the Shaman’s supervision? Its because you will most likely experience:

  • euphoria,
  • paranoia, 
  • vomiting, 
  • diarrhea,
  • fear,
  • mind-altering psychedelic effects,
  • intense auditory and visual hallucination. 

Diarrhea and vomiting are among the adverse reactions your body gives. They are, however, a normal part of the cleansing process and expulsion of all toxins. 

The Ayahuasca is often administered at night. The drinking is in the presence of the Shaman, who ensures your safety. It is administered on consecutive nights. And may elicit different reactions every other time. 

Remember: Everybody has a different reaction during Ayahuasca ceremonies. Some people may have a feeling of enlightenment and joy. Others may experience panic and anxiety. And this is why listening to the many Ayahuasca anecdotes can be misleading.  

Ayahuasca Retreat Benefits 

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Over 85% of Ayahuasca retreat guests changed their lives. But how is it so? How exactly does it change your life? 

When you read on Ayahuasca, chances are high you will bump into phrases such as:

  • life-changing,
  • transformative,
  • healing, 
  • enlightening. 

These terms are pretty vague. And you will most likely ask yourself, “How is Ayahuasca life-changing?” 

Here are the top benefits of taking the Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca Retreats for Deep Cleansing and Purification

Many people who take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies experience heavy purging. The heavy purging involves a lot of vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. 

And that is not just about expelling physical matter. The heavy purging cleanses you from:

  • toxic energy,
  • negative emotions,
  • aspects that have been clogging your body.

The other forms of purging can include:

  •  crying, 
  • laughing, 
  • shaking, 
  • coughing,
  •  sweating. 

We know purging seems gross at face value. But it is entirely worth it. It feels like renewing your body and mind. Think of it as starting a clean new chapter.

 Improves psychological well-being

Ayahuasca is excellent for:

  • improving the mindfulness capacity of your brain;
  • boosting the general psychological wellness;
  • improving mood and emotional regulation;
  • Increasing acceptance of the past and spirit to forge ahead.

Ayahuasca Retreats for Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

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Ayahuasca brew has proven to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD, for good. Yes, for good. We encounter hurdles that increase our stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. And sometimes, they keep recurring after treatment. 

Many times, depression persists due to a lack of a spiritual connection. Furthermore, lacking meaning and direction in daily life may skyrocket mental instability.

First, Ayahuasca is great in expanding consciousness. This makes you more aware of your journey and self-healing process. 

Secondly, Ayahuasca connects you back to the forgotten spiritual aspects. Also, it helps as identify with our true selves. This is a sure way to heal from sadness and despair that affect your mental health. 

Ayahuasca Retreat for Recovery from Addictions

Healing from addictions is one of the common reasons people go to Ayahuasca retreats. There are Ayahuasca retreat centers that focus on helping recovering addicts. Starting a new beginning from drug and alcohol addictions is not easy. The transformation needs both physical and emotional support. And we guarantee you an Ayahuasca retreat gives you both. 

 First, Ayahuasca helps expel toxins from the body. This helps you restart life on a new slate. Secondly, the Ayahuasca takes the nervous system through a thorough transformation. This Ayahuasca journey is effective in getting you past drug addictions. 

Experience Higher Levels of Consciousness

Ayahuasca comes with expanded awareness. This is one of the greatest benefits of drinking it. You will experience a high level of self-consciousness during the ceremony and long afterward.  

And how important is an increased level of consciousness to you? Einstein’s quote would be perfect for that. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Simply put, you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings, which in turn help you solve any issues that arise. 

 With a high level of consciousness, you do not need to be told how to live. A healthier and better life comes naturally with a higher level of consciousness. 

 Enhanced Creativity

“I have writer’s block.”

“I cannot think of any more effective ideas to keep running my business.”

Ayahuasca has proven to be super-effective in enhancing creativity. Writers have been known to write better pieces after an Ayahuasca retreat. Musicians have composed much better music after engaging in an Ayahuasca ceremony. The same applies to painters. 

Need to have your creativity re-ignited? An Ayahuasca retreat will serve the purpose.

 Want proof of how Ayahuasca enhances creativity? Google “Ayahuasca artwork”. You will see artworks inspired after the Ayahuasca ceremonies. You will be impressed. 

 Deeper Connection to Nature

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Remember in the Avatar movie how the N’avi people were deeply connected to their nature? Surprise! That does not only exist in movies. You, too, could get a more profound connection with Mother Nature through Ayahuasca. 

Many guests of Ayahuasca retreats report having more profound connections with the environment. This is because Ayahusaca changes how they see the world. And you will love how this connection sticks by you your whole life. 

Picture attending an Ayahuasca retreat in a jungle. First, this will help you escape the hectic lifestyle of the city. The only thing you will interact with is maybe medicine men. It is a safe space to let go of anything that tortures your mind and life. Secondly, being in the jungle for a week creates a strong sense of environmental connection. You spend time indulging in the Ayahuasca experience, which at the same time deepens your connection with mother earth.  

Ayahuasca for Healing Journey 

Many people are battling ugly past experiences. You may push them to the background and consider them buried memories. Unfortunately, they sure come back to torture us. Furthermore, we are all plagued by some sort of fear. Some forms of fear can be detrimental to your health or general progress. 

Going to an Ayahuasca retreat center can offer you the deep healing you need. Maybe you need healing from:

  • sexual abuse,
  • past trauma, 
  • toxic relationship, 
  • losses you have suffered, 
  • grief. 

The holistic healing modalities offered by the Shaman and the brew are a sure way to turn a new leaf in your journey. Many people who have past traumas such as a tough childhood and sexual abuse report having been able to let go during an Ayahuasca retreat. 

Ayahuasca Retreat for Spiritual Growth 

Ayahuasca retreats are one of the most powerful spiritual retreats. If you are going on a journey of spiritual nourishment, we recommend that you at least go on this kind of spiritual retreat.

Ayahuasca is one of the plant medicines that has been used in religious ceremonies for ages. Its religious uses are popular in Brazil, Peru and other Amazonian regions of South America. 

Due to its long history in religious use and spiritual growth, Ayahuasca is sometimes referred to as the “Vine of the soul.” First, going to a retreat puts you in contact with a lot of spiritual teachers. The information you acquire from the spiritual teachers of the retreat center will facilitate a whole new level of spiritual nourishment. Your soul quest to get deeper in your spirituality will be ignited during an Ayahuasca ceremony. 

Secondly, many Ayahuasca retreat centers offer yoga classes during the day. The yoga retreat at the retreat center will leave you a better person physically and spiritually. You know that yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality. 

 How to Choose Ayahuasca Retreat 

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We all know that Ayahuasca ceremonies trace their origin from the indigenous tribes. However, we now have retreat centers all over the world. Many people still fly to South America to get an Ayahuasca experience. However, you no longer need to. You can get an Ayahuasca retreat California or anywhere here in the US. 

And, there are so many of them right now. That is why you need to choose them carefully.

Ask yourself Why

 Why are you going on that Ayahuasca retreat? 

  • Do you want to turn a new leaf into your life? 
  • Are you looking for healing from past traumas?
  • Do you want confidence to face the hurdles in life? 
  • Are you looking to deepen your spirituality? 

These will enable you to choose the best retreat center for you. You will indeed receive individualized attention during an Ayahuasca retreat. 

And the results may come out different for everyone. However, the ceremony will always be geared towards achieving one goal. Ensure the goal matches your desires. 

Choose a Location

Do you want to go to the jungle or the mountains for your Ayahuasca retreat? What kind of nature are you looking to interact with? Would you love to be by the shores or trekking on the hiking trails when free? 

Also, it is ideal to choose a location that is authorized to conduct Ayahuasca ceremonies. Keep in mind that Ayahuasca is entirely illegal in some countries.  

Ask for Ayahuasca Retreat Recommendations

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Asking your professional and personal network for ayahuasca retreat recommendations will be highly important in finding a great center. It is always good that you get a recommendation from someone that you know. 

 However, it is essential to know that Ayahuasca reacts differently to everyone. A recommendation should, therefore, point you in a specific direction. The decision remains entirely on you.

Ask About Their Support System

After you have narrowed down your potential retreat center list to a few of your favorites options, reach out to the center for more information. You can ask about their support system. Ask if you are going to go through a reintegration process after your Ayahuasca. Also, ensure that the ayahuasca retreat center has well-trained employees.

Know the Safety and Procedures

Different ayahuasca retreat centers have different safety procedures in place. Therefore, while choosing a center-based solely depends on your comfort level, there is the basis that the center should provide. Every reputable retreat center should have an onsite doctor that can assist you should they be needed. It is always wise to choose a retreat center that requires a medical background check-up for you.

Research the shamans

The shamans who take your hand through your Ayahuasca retreat are so important. Make sure you research well on the shamans who work at your Ayahuasca retreat center. Ensure that they can speak your language. Ensure that the shamans have extensive histories with the Ayahuasca. They need to be skilled in the practice.

Are Ayahuasca Retreats Legal?

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You may be wondering if Ayahuasca is legal, particularly given its similarities to psychedelic drugs that are not legal in the United States. The DMT ingredient of ayahuasca tea, without

which the substance would not have the same effects. DMT is illegal in so many countries, but the actual plant’s sources of it are not. The exception only occurs in several countries in Europe like France, where they have outlawed all plants used to make Ayahuasca.

In 1971 DMT became legal in the US under the convention on psychotropic substances. However, court cases have allowed certain groups to import Ayahuasca tea to the US for religious festivals because of legislation like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Despite the varying and often vague legal status of Ayahuasca tea in the US and around the world, many people have turned to Ayahuasca tourism as a way of exploring plant medicine. 

 What are the Side Effects of Ayahuasca?

Before you go searching for an Ayahuasca retreat near me, you need to know of the potential side effects it comes with. This will help you go on fully prepared for what may come. The potential side effects of using ayahuasca areas discussed below. 

Physical Effects of Using Ayahuasca 

One of the most common ayahuasca side effects is vomiting, which this often followed by diarrhea. This may also lead to higher complications like dehydration. When it comes to Ayahuasca, some people have described the vomit as coming in buckets. Some people who take this substance can happen very soon after ingesting it, and for others, it comes amid hallucination.

Other effects of Ayahuasca from the use of the DMT component of tea are:

  • Increased heart rate,
  • Dizziness,
  • Agitation,
  • Increased blood pressure,
  • Dilated pupils,
  • Chest pain,
  • Seizures.

There are cases where Ayahuasca resulted in respiratory arrest, comas, and high blood pressure on the fatal side. Also, serotonin syndrome is quite popular in people who are under antidepressants. 

Psychological Effects of Ayahuasca 

 When you use Ayahuasca, you will experience hallucination, which people see as a spiritual or healing experience. Other effects are intense anxiety, paranoia and fear. This can bring up past traumas.

The psychological Ayahuasca side effects can stick for up to weeks after the final ceremony. 

Getting Ready for an Ayahuasca Retreat 


You need to be keen on what you ingest as you prepare to attend an Ayahuasca ceremony. (2) Avoid the following two or three weeks before you attend the ceremony:

  • alcohol,
  • cigarettes,
  • other recreational drugs and pharmaceuticals;
  • caffeine,
  • processed sugars,
  • red meat,
  • junk food.

This helps minimize the toxins in your body. This makes the work of the Ayahuasca even much easier. We also recommend that you go vegan or vegetarian during your preparation.

Ayahuasca Retreat Frequently Asked Questions  

 We know you have heard many stories on Ayahuasca, some so good and some terrifying. (1) And, you are probably confused. No need to worry; we have got your back. We answer a few Ayahuasca retreat FAQs in the hope that we clear it up for you. Familiarize yourself with this before you start researching on “Ayahuasca retreat near me.”

How Much Does an Ayahuasca Retreat Cost 

ayahuasca retreat california

Ayahuasca retreats vary in price. Most of them vary from $114 to $255 per day. It is essential to realize that usually, the cost will involve not only the ceremonies but also:

  • accommodation, 
  •  food, 
  • other activities such as hiking and yoga classes, 
  • Other plant medicines,
  • Classes on meditation retreat

Has Anyone Ever Died of Ayahuasca? 

Yes, anyone can die if they are mixing Ayahuasca with recreational or pharmaceutical drugs. Also, death can occur from Ayahuasca if you have heart problems that you are not taking your medicines for. Furthermore, people have also died from datura being mixed with Ayahuasca.

 Therefore, the best advice is to refrain altogether during the days leading to and during the ayahuasca ceremony to avoid these side effects. 

However, it is essential to know that no one has ever died from traditional Ayahuasca if they took the proper medication and refrained from alcohol or pharmaceuticals of any kind before, during, and after the ceremony. 

 Final Thoughts

The healing power of Ayahuasca never ceases to amaze us. We love how slow the effects start and go high till they hit the optimum. And the effects do not end after the retreats. The shift that Ayahuasca creates in your brain and mental health will stick with you forever. We recommend that you attend at least three Ayahuasca ceremonies over a short period. Trust us; your brain and mental health will thank you for taking that path forward. 

Over to you now, it is your time to take that courageous step and experience Ayahuasca for yourself. Book that Ayahuasca retreat ceremony and experience the healing and psychoactive power of this plant medicine. 


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